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16-06-2017     Worldcup Lampertheim  

It's about 3 weeks ago now when the World of Sjoelen came together in Lampertheim, France.
We would like to say a big thank you to the organisation and the volunteers!
It has been a fabuleus event for everyone, we enjoyed every single minute of it! THANK YOU !!
In the Men prelimanaries the Brikkenmikkers had 2 players in the top ten : Andries ( 5 ) Sjaak ( 8 ).
Sjaak got knocked-out by Eddie Pas in the second round ( 10-4 ) , Andries made his way all trough
the semifinals, where he lost against Dick Eijlers ( 12-8 ) .
So Andries had to play one more match for the third place, which he won against Sjors Oostenbrink ( 9-5 )
The final was between Siem Oostenbrink and Dick Eijlers, just like 2 years ago.
And like 2 years ago Siem won this final of the Worldcup Sjoelen ( 14-10 ) .
In the Women prelimanaries the Brikkenmikkers had 3 players in the top ten : Jacquelien ( 3 ), Elly ( 4 ) , Janny ( 8 ).
With no problems all this ladies reached the quarter finals, Janny lost in an exciting match against Ida Maytum ( 9-7 ).
Elly won her match against Dagmar Tschörtner ( 10-2 ) and Jacquelien won against Joke Schagen ( 10-4 ).
The semifinal was a quick knock-out for Elly, she lost against Ida ( 11-3 ).
Jacquelien played a very tight match against Bea Sneller, which Jacquelien has lost in the end with 11-9 . 
Now two Brikkenmikker-members had to play for the third place, it was Elly who won this match with 10-0 .
In the final two ladies who have never played a Worldcup final, Ida became Worldchampion by winning 14-4 .
Congratulations to all winners and of course our two 3d places Elly and Andries in this Worldcup of 2017 !
We keep also a list of results and records of the past Worldchampionships.
This has been the Worldcup with the most participants ( 224 ) and the most participating countries ( 12 ) .
Many records has been set or improved, for example Bianca Köster ( 1423 ) took over the German record at a
Worldcup from Insa Diekmann ( 1421 ).
Johan Klefelt of Sweden lost his record 10 and 20 boards to Mattias Dahlberg ( 1334 and 2666 ).
All the people from Ireland and Slovakia are newcomers in this list, so these are all records for there country.
Ryszard Sobków lifted the Polish record above the 130 average with a 1285 and 1331 score.
And so on, and so on . . .
Tap below to see all the records and statistics till now. 

07-05-2017     Dutch Cup, Final match 

            Elly Mensen wins the Dutch Cup for the first time !
Yesterday the final match of the Dutch Cup was played in Beneden Leeuwen.
For the first time in the Brikkenmikker-history the cup came to or hometown Klazienaveen.
Although Elly lost the final of the day against Hettie Kleine, she had gathered enough points
in the seven cupmatches to win this titel.
At the preliminaries it was Elly with 1424, Ida Maytum with 1406 and Hettie Kleine with 1385.
At the end the final was between Hettie and Elly which was won by Hettie 10 - 4 . 
The final result in the competition is  : 1. Elly Mensen, 2. Hettie Kleine, 3. Ida Maytum.
By the way, this final and the Men's final was broadcasted live at Youtube.
In the Men's preliminaries at the first place Jan Drent with 1467, second Dick Eijlers with 
1455 and third Siem Oostenbrink with 1452.
At the end Dick won the final against Pieter Euverman with 10 - 4 .
The final result of this competition is : 1. Dick Eijlers, 2. Ronald Polman, 3. Tim van Sommeren.
So Dick Eijlers is the winner of the Dutch Cup 2017 ( already for the 7th time ) .
In the second league for Men ( the B group ) The Brikkenmikkers did also have a champion to
celebrate, Andries Duinkerken won this competition.
Tap here to see back the final of the Men on Youtube. ( In the beginning the video is flipped )

16-04-2017     Dutch Championship Sjoelen 2017 

          ***  Update! More pictures below ! ***
Yesterday the Dutch Championship took place in Barneveld.
Siem Oostenbrink took the National title for the 17th time!
With scores of 1476 ( He almost hit the 1480, he missed the 2 last discs ) and 1460 he
became Dutch Champion of 2017.
The second place went to Ronald Polman 1462 and 1452, third place Jan Drent 1451 and 1459.
Sandra Stoelhorst took her first title ever in the ladies competition.
With a 1431 and a 1415 she scored the same amount of points like Elly Mensen did ( 1416 and 1430 )
However the highest serie of 1431 by Sandra was diciding for the Championship.
So Elly took the second place, the 3d place went to Hettie Kleine with 1429 and 1384 points.
The Brikkenmikkers had 3 Champions in this tournament.
In Class F Francis Hekman won the title with 1300 and 1304 points.
In Class G Hans Oudshoorn became Champion with a very good 1361 score in the 2nd round.
In Class J Larissa van de Bulk made her debute with a winning score of 1082 and 1129.
Andries Duinkerken became second in the Class B with a 1388 and a 1445 score.

27-03-2017     Dutch Cup, game 6 

Last saturday the 6th match of the Dutch Cup has been played in Zwolle.
Big scores in the Men's preliminaries by Dick Eijlers and Tim van Sommeren.
They both scored an amazing 1472 points!, at the third place Herman Depenbrock with a 1456.
At the end there was this wonderful final between Jan Oostenbrink and Dick Eijlers.
They had many many maximum scores of 148 and even higher!
Jan was the winner of the final with a 10-8 against Dick.
The third place went to Herman Depenbrock 8-6 against Henk van der Ree Doolaard.
Dick Eijlers is now leader of the competition, followed by Ronald Polman and Tim van Sommeren.
In the Women's preliminaries it was Elly Mensen with a wonderful score of 1440!
At second place Hettie Kleine with a 1405 and third Bea Sneller with a 1395 score.
Elly won the final with 10-4 against Wilma Stokkel, the third place went to Janny Koops ( also Brikkenmikkers )
She won this game with 9-3 against Eef van den Bosch.
Elly is still leading the competition, followed by Hettie Kleine and Bea Sneller.
There is only one more cup-tournament to play, and it will be in may in Beneden Leeuwen.

20-03-2017     Update Dutch Championship Couples 

There are now pictures of this tournament available.

18-03-2017     Dutch Championship Couples 

Today the Dutch Championship Couples was held in Beneden Leeeuwen.
Winners are Ronald Polman and Tim van Sommeren.
They started this tournament with an amazing 1397 score which was by far the best score of the day!
The following 2 rounds Ronald and Tim scored about 1320 points ( still very good scoring ) , the opponents
were not able to get close enough and so this title went to Ronald and Tim for the second time ( 2015, Klazienaveen )
At second place Herman Depenbrock and Harm Zoutman, they produced the second highscore of the day : 1357 !
In third position Jan Drent and Martin van den Heuvel, their highest score of this day was 1329 points !
All this men will also participate in the Dutch Championships Sjoelen coming up at the 15th of april in Barneveld.

13-03-2017     Region North  

In our region North we ( The Brikkenmikkers ) have played last week the third match of
the preliminaries to get a place into the final of the Dutch Championships at 15 april.
This match of region North is also called by us " the Northern Championships " .
The Brikkenmikkers managed to get 8 Northern Champions in diverent classes.
And also 18 places ( in diverent classes ) at the Dutch Championships at 15 april in Barneveld.
There are 7 regions in the Netherlands where people can qualify for the Dutch Championships. 
The last 3 regions have played their last games last saturday, so now there is a list of participants.

28-02-2017     Dutch Cup, game   

The fifth game in the Dutch dates from 18 february and took place in Beneden Leeuwen.
Best three scores in the qualifying round Men : Dick Eijlers 1460, Siem Oostenbrink 1452,
Tim van Sommeren 1448.
Best three scores in the qualifying round Women ; Elly Mensen 1397, Bea Sneller 1397,
Ida Maytum 1393.
The final in the Men's competition : Tim van Sommeren 10 - 8 Dick Eijlers.
The final in th Women's competition : Elly Mensen 10 - 0 Bea Sneller.
For the first time in history, both finals were broadcast live on Youtube. ( Tap here ) 
By tapping here you can watch another video of the finals and pictures of the day.
By tapping on Video 1 or Video 2 you can watch a short movie made by Sjoelsport Nordwestschweiz. 


29-01-2017     Dutch cup fourth game 

Last saturday the 4th match in the Dutch Cup has been played in Zwolle.
Top scores in the Men's qualifying round : 1. Dick Eijlers 1472 ! , 2. Ronald Polman 1448 ,
3. Cock Tukker 1448 .
In the semi-finals it was : Dick Eijlers - Herman Depenbrock 6 - 8 .
And Tim van Sommeren - Andries Duinkerken ( Brikkenmikkers )  9 - 5 .
The final we saw 10 times 148! and 2 times a 150 score!
Herman Depenbrock has won it with 10 - 8 .
Dick Eijlers took the 3d place against Andries Duinkerken ( 8 - 2 ) .
In the overall competition after 4 matches Ronald Polman is still leading, followed by
Dick Eijlers ( 2nd place ) and Jan Drent ( 3d place ) .
At the Women's qualifying round the top scores were : 1. Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) 1442 !
2. Hettie Kleine 1412 , Ida Maytum 1403 .
The semi-finals : Elly Mensen - Heidi Hop 8 - 4  and Hettie Kleine - Ida Maytum 9 - 1 .
The finale became a 10 - 0 victory for Elly, she was in very good shape today.
The 3d place went to Ida Maytum by beating Heidi Hop 9 - 5 .
In the overall competition Elly Mensen is still in the lead, Hettie Kleine is in second position 
and at the third place Ida Maytum.
 Zwolle Men 4  Zwolle Women 4

12-01-2017     New outfit Brikkenmikkers  

Our sjoelclub starts this new year in a new outfit, the presentation was in the last
week of 2016 at our clubhouse in Klazienaveen. 
On this shirts we have the names of 4 new sponsors.
We also have a new banner with a new logo on it, and new billboards on the wall.
All these things are turqoise colored, from now on this will be the new club-color.
The article below is from a local newspaper.
Regio small

27-11-2016     Dutch Cup, third tournament 

Yesterday the third tournament ( of 7 ) has been played in Beneden Leeuwen.
Top scores in the qualifying round of the Mens competition : Dick Eijlers 1464.
Three man with a 1443 score : Tim van Sommeren, Johan Mosterd and Ad Graauwmans.
The final was between Dick Eijlers and Jan Drent. 
It was a great final with big scores, we have seen 2 times a 150 score and
almost a 147 average by Jan Drent who became the winner of this day.
Top scores in the Womens qualifying round : Hettie Kleine 1370, Elly Mensen 1362 and
Jacquelien Klunder 1360.
The Womens final was even more exciting then the Mens final.
This final was between Ida Maytum and Elly Mensen.
It went all the way to 10 all , at the end Elly won the match with 12-10.
Both finalists reached an average above 140 points in this final !
To watch video and picturesof this tournament tap here. ( Very high quality sjoelen! )
To watch all the results of the participants of this toeurnament tap here.

24-11-2016     Update   

This is a little update about the Dutch Championship Teams.
There are more pictures available about this tournament now.
By tapping here, you can see pictures made by André van der Aart.

22-11-2016     Dutch Championship Teams 


Last saturday the Team Championship took place in Voorthuizen.
54 teams participated in this tournament in 7 different levels.
Ducth Champion in the Top Class became the team of Aalsmeer with this players :
Patrick Haring, Cock Tukker, Tim van Sommeren and Ronald Polman. ( av. 142,16 )
In the First Class the Brikkenmikkers-team took the second place with this players :
Elly Mensen, Jan Lüdeling, Nico Stuut and Hennie Fictorie. ( av. 136,73 )
We had a Champion team in Class 2 with an average of 128,78 points.
These are the team members : Ciska de Jong, Janny Koops, Albert van Urk and Jans Sloots. 
Congratulations to all the winners! 


15-11-2016     General news 


The item " WK sjoelen " ( Worldcup Sjoelen ) has been modified on our website.
Now you can find the results and records of ( almost ) all the Worldcups played in the past.
To see this " new " item on our site : Tap here  ( most in Dutch ) 
To find the results and records you scroll down on this page.
Last saturday there was a couple tournament in our clubhouse, winners of this tournament
are Elly Mensen and Sandra Stoelhorst with an average of 124 points.
33 couples participated at the Brikkenmikkers in Klazienaveen, tap here to see the results. 
A week before this couple tournament we had two visitors from Sweden at our clubhouse.
Johan Klefelt and Robert Ekstrand came to the Netherlands to play and learn about the game of Jakkolo.
They stayed in Amsterdam and visited the Amsterdam sjoelclub EASV on wednesday.
At friday before they came to Klazienaveen, the Swedish Jakkolo players made a stop in Barneveld.
The place where the Dutch Champions every year in april take place in the " Veluwehal " .
Together with Iko van Elburg we had a great evening and lots of fun playing sjoelen that night.
We will meet each other again at the Worldcup next year in Strassbourg, France.
At saturday Johan and Robert participated in a couple tournamnet in Aalsmeer.
They reached for the 8th place in Class B. Tap here to see pictures and results. 
To see pictures of the Swedisch visitors at the Brikkenmikkers, tap here. 

31-10-2016     Dutch Cup , second tournament  


Last saturday the second of seven matches of this season's Dutch Cup has been played in Zwolle.
Top results in the qualifying round in the Men's competition :  Johan Mosterd  1463 ,
Herman Depenbrock  1461 , Ronald Polman 1458 .
Siem Oostenbrink 1431 ( startposition 8 ) and Dick Eijlers 1423 ( startposition 12 ) didn't get into a
good position to start from, but they both managed to reach the semifinals.
In this semifinal Siem won his game against Dick with 9-5 .
In the other semifinal it was Ronald Polman who won against Pieter Euverman with 8-6.
So the final was between Ronald and Siem, which was won by Ronald with 11-3 .
The results of this day are :  1. Ronald Polman, 2. Siem Oostenbrink 3. Dick Eijlers.
In the Women's competition the top results in the qualifying round : Hettie Kleine 1427 ,
Elly Mensen 1419 , Heidi Hop 1412 .
Hettie Kleine reached the final by defeating Bea Sneller 8-0 in the semifinal.
Elly Mensen won her semi against Leonne Heijnis with 8-4.
In the last match of the day Elly won the final against Hettie with 11-7.
The results of this day are : 1. Elly Mensen  2. Hettie Kleine  3. Leonne Heijnis .
To see some action of the finals this day, please tap here. 
To see the results of all the players, please tap here. 

17-10-2016     Dutch Championship 20-2 


Last saturday the Dutch Championship Sjoelen has been played in the 20-2 system ( Worldcup-system ).
This was also a chance for the Dutch Shuffleboardplayers to earn a ticket for the Worldcup Sjoelen
which will be held next year in Strassbourg - France.
Winner of the day was Dick Eijlers ( Two times World Champion ) with an average of 87,93 .
He scored also the best serie of the day with a beatiful 915 points !
In second position Sjors Oostenbrink with an average of 86,43 , his highscore was 907 points !
The third place went to Jan Drent, his average was 86,37 with a best serie of 897 points !
There was one more man who threw a serie above 900 points. Tim van Sommeren
began his first round with 911, it was his last round of 758 that threw him back to the 4th position.
In the Womens competition the Brikkenmikkers had a champion to celebrate !
Elly Mensen ( One time World Champion ) became the champion of 2016 !
The average of Elly was 83,2 , with a highscore of 847.
The second place went to Ida Maytum with 81 average and the highscore of the day : 850 !
Betty Jacobs took the third place, her average was 79,3 , with a best serie of 825 points.
Janny Koops ( also Brikkenmikkers ) could not hold on to the third position in the first two rounds.
She unfortunately dropped into the fourth place, but she is sure of a Worldcup ticket.
There were more Brikkenmikkers today who won prices in different kinds of levels :
In Class B Andries Duinkerken became champion with an average of 79,9 .
Also in Class B Tienus de Vries took the 3th place, his average was 76,57 .
Another champion in Class C : Hennie Fictorie ( whats in the name ! ) claimed her titel with 72,33 av.
Also in Class C it was Piet van der Bulk who took the second place with an average of 71 points.
With an average of 57,63 Gepke Wolgen took the second place in Class D.
And last but not least : Gert Huizing took the second place in the Open Class with 51,73 average.
There were 25 Worldcup tickets to win this day : Men 15 and Women 10 .
It's not officially yet, but we believe to have allready 5 tickets for France.
Men : Sjaak de Vries
Women : Elly Mensen, Janny Koops, Jacquelien Klunder, Hennie Fictorie .

01-10-2016     Dutch Cup, first tournament 

Last week the first day of the Dutch Cup of this season took place in Beneden-Leeuwen.
Top 3 scores in the qualification-round Men : Siem Oostenbrink 1456, Ronald Polman 1438,
Jan Oostenbrink 1432. At the end of the day Siem and Ronald played in the final.
Ronald won this game with 11-5 , Patrick Haring took the 3d place, he won his match
against Jan Oostenbrink ( 4th place ).
Top 3 scores in the qualifications Women : Hettie Kleine 1414, Elly Mensen 1399, Leonne Heijnis 1374.
Hettie Kleine and Sandra Stoelhorst ( her first final ever ) played in the final.
Sandra won it with 10-8 , in the overall competition she is now in the lead.Hettie is in second position.
Elly Mensen is in the third place, she has won her last game ( 3/4 place ) against Marijke Denissen.

14-09-2016     Welcome Back ! 

We say: Welcome back to all the people who love the sjoelen game and love to read this item !
This site was hacked a couple of months ago, so it took us a while to build it up again.
But now it's back in the air and we are very glad that the site works and has a bit of a new look.
We also have updated the World-cup item where you can find information about the World-cups
Sjoelen ( standings, video, pictures, etc. ) from the past and the upcoming World-cup event in France 2017.
For anyone who likes to take a look, just tap on the link above. ( Language is mostly Dutch ) 

20-06-2016     Worldrecord Sjoelen 20-2 

Last saturday/sunday 3 members of our sjoelclub tryed to set a Worldrecord of 25 hours
endurance-sjoelen in the 20-2 system. ( Worldcup system )
Geesje van der Linde ( Worldchampion ) Elly Mensen ( Former Worldchampion ) and 
Jonas Klunder ( Former Youth Champion ) began to sjoel saturday at 9:00 in 
our clubhouse in Klazienaveen.
There were some difficult moments at sundaymorning, but the supporters kept the
three players going to finish the job.
And they did !! At 10:00 sundaymorning the record was there !! A vew minitus before the crowd
was singing " We Are The Champions " followed by a count down towards this special moment.
They played 25 hours for charity, this was all for the Cliniclowns.
This 3 players played each 660 boards, the averages were :
Geesje van der Linde 80,08 , Elly Mensen 74,66 and Jonas Klunder 66,49.
Every time when someone hits a full hundred score a bell was ringing in the clubhouse.
Geesje did sjoel 47 times the full 100 score, Elly hit the 100 score 28 times.


30-05-2016     Sjoel-sport 

There was a lot of sports going on last weekend, like Tennis ; Cycling ; Soccer ; GP.
Important to our Sjoel- and Jakkolo fans was the meeting between France and Germany.
In the history of the sport it was the first time this 2 countries played an International
friendly match against each other.
This match took place in Lampertheim, close to Strasbourg last saturday.
It was also a kind of try-out / warming-up in this accommodation where the
Worldcup Sjoelen takes place one year from now.
The German Team was the winner of this match.
At the same time in Switzerland there was an open house for Sjoelen organized
by 2 members of the Brikkenmikkers who now live there, Femia and Eric.
They got help from 4 of our Brikkenmikkers-members who traveled to Hinwil.
( Tineke, Albert, Hennie and Gert )
It was a very busy day, the event was visited by at least 3000 people.
The people enjoyed the game, so let's hope we can startup a club in Hinwil !


09-05-2016     Dutch Cup Final Match 2015 - 2016 

The final match ( of 7 ) has been played last saturday in Beneden Leeuwen.
Champion of the Men's tournement : Dick Eijlers 
Champion of the Women's tournement : Hettie Kleine 
For Dick this is his 5th titel in a row, he has now won the cup 6 times. 
( Dick is also the current Dutch champion )
For Hettie it is the 5th titel she won in the Dutch-Cup history.
In the Men's qualification-round the best trhee scores were :
1. Tim van Sommeren 1457 , 2. Ronald Polman 1456 , Dick Eijlers 1456 .
At the end Jan Drent was the best Knock-out player, followed by Patrick Haring in
2nd position. ( This was an incredable final, see picture-link below )
The 3th place in the Knock-out went to Dick Eijlers.
In the overall competition Dick became champion, 2nd place went to Siem Oostenbrink.
The third position went to Ronald Polman.
In the Women's qualification-round the best three scores were :
1. Petra Houweling 1408 , 2. Ida Maytum 1374 , 3. Janny Koops ( Brikkenmikkers ) 1367.
In the Knock-out tournement Elly Mensen ( Current Dutch champion ) lost her first match,
so she had no more chance to claim the Dutch Cup titel.
The best player in the Knock-out tournement today was Nelly Eekhof.
Heidi Hop took the 2nd place, the 3d place went to Geesje van der Linde ( Brikkenmikkers ) .
The overall competition shows us the following standings : Dutch cup champion : Hettie Kleine,
2nd place : Elly Mensen , 3d place : Ida Maytum.


07-05-2016     Johan Klefelt Swedish Champion 2016 

Johan Klefelt won today the Swedish Championship Jakkolo.
This was his fourth titel in a row, and with a score of 2773 he broke the Swedish
National record!
Mattias Dahlberg took the second place with a 2594 score.
The third place went to Robert Scott with a total of 2578 points.


18-04-2016     Elly Mensen Dutch Champion Sjoelen ! 

Last saturday the Dutch Championships Sjoelen took place in Barneveld.
Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) became Dutch Champion for the 4th time !
In the first round Elly scored 1442 points to leave her opponents about 30 points
behind her, in the second round her score was 1398.
With a total of 2840 ( av.142 ) this was good enough for her fourth National titel.
Nelly Eekhof took the 2nd place, she had the best score in the second round ( 1424 ).
With her total score of 2833 Nelly was just 7 points behind Elly.
The 3rd place went to Anja Westerhof, she scored a total of 2800 points ( av.140 ).
In the Men's competition it was Dick Eijlers who took the titel for the 3rd time.
In the first round he took the lead with an amazing 1476 score ! 
First round nr. 2 was Jan Drent 1461 and first round nr. 3 was Siem Oostenbrink 1460.
In the second round Dick scored 1459 points, that makes his total 2935 ( av. 146.75 ) 
The 1459 was in the 2nd round also the highest score, so the titel went to Dick Eijlers.
Siem scored in his 2nd round 1440 points and with a total of 2900 points the second place.
Jan Oostenbrink took the 3rd place, he scored 1440 and 1446 points ( 2886 ). 
Tap here for more pictures. ( Freddy Spit - a )  And here for even more  ( Freddy Spit - b )


03-04-2016     Sixth match Dutch Cup 

Yesterday in Voorthuizen the 6th match of the Dutch Cup has been played.
Top 3 players in the Men qualification-round : 1. Siem Oostenbrink 1476 ! 
2. Patrick Haring 1456  3. Herman Depenbrock 1456 .
Herman lost his match in the second round against Willy Smulders ( 8-6 ) .
Siem and Patrick made it all the way trough to the finals.
This final was won by Siem with 10-6 , Siem scored the maximum of 400 points today !
Ronald Polman took the 3d place ( 8-2 Henk Colaris ) .
In the overall competition Dick Eijlers ( today 6th ) is still leading.
Siem Oostenbrink is in second position and Ronald Polman holds the 3d position.
In the Women competition the top 3 players of the qualification round are :
1. Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) 1444  2. Hettie Kleine 1401  3. Leonne Heijnis 1398 . 
Leonne lost her match in the 3d round against Janny Koops ( Brikkenmikkers ) 8-4 .
Hettie and Elly won all of their games and so they met each other in the finals.
Hettie has won this exciting match with 11-9 ( all the way to the last game ) .
Janny took the 3d place today by defeating Heidi Hop with 8-4 .
In the standings Hettie is still leading the competition, Elly is in second position and
Nelly Eekhof ( today 6th ) is in third position.
The final match of this Dutch Cup will be played the 7th of May .
To see the results of the match in Voorthuizen and the standings, tap here.


24-03-2016     Dutch Championship Couples 

At the 19th of March the Dutch Couples-Championship Sjoelen has been played in Sittard.
Winners of this year are Siem Oostenbrink and Dick Eijlers with an average of 136 points.
With the victory of Siem and Dick the titel is back in their hands ( they also won in 2014 )
after losing it last year to Ronald Polman and Tim van Sommeren. 
You can say that Ronald and Tim lost the titel this year, because they were up ahead for 2
rounds when in the 3d round something went wrong in one game and they could not fix it.
So Ronald and Tim ended up with the second place today and an average of 135 points.
The 3d place went to Herman Depenbrock and Harm Zoutman ( average 132,3 ) .
The Brikkenmikkers had a champion-couple to celebrate in the division C !
Nico Stuut and Piet van de Bulk took the titel with an average of 109 points !
This titel for them is very remarkable, they won the titel also last year in division D !
So let's say : Nico and Piet you have one year of practice for the titel in division B next year !
To see the results of this tourament : Tap here!


29-02-2016     Fifth match Dutch Cup  

In Zwolle the fifth match of the Dutch Cup has been played last saturday.
In the qualification-round the top 3 players were : Henk van der Ree Doolaard 1460,
Ronald Polman 1457, Jan Drent 1452 .
There were no big surprises in the 2 following rounds, except for the knocking-out of
Ronald Polman by a good playing Jarno Langerak in the second round ( 9-1 ) .
Quarterfinals :
Then Dick Eijlers stopped Jarno Langerak in the quarterfinals by winning 9-3 .
Patrick Haring won his match against Henk van der Ree Doolaard with 9-7 .
Willy Smulders ( B-player* ) knocked Siem Oostenbrink out of the tournament with 8-4 !
The strongest Jan was Jan Oostenbrink by winning his game against Jan Drent 9-5 .
Semi finals : 
Dick Eijlers won his game against Jan Oostenbrink with 8-6 .
Willy Smulders also reached for the finals with an 8-0 win over Patrick Haring.
Final : 
Dick Eijlers became the winner of the day with a 10-6 victory over Willy Smulders.
The 3d place went to Patrick Haring, he won his game against Jan Oostenbrink 8-4 .
The standings of today show us the same players : 1. Dick Eijlers , 2. Willy Smulders ,
3. Patrick Haring.
In the overall competition Dick Eijlers still leads, followed by Siem Oostenbrink ( 2 )
and Ronald Polman ( 3 ) .
* This competition hosts players from different levels, most players in the Men's competition
   play in the A division and B division and sometimes a player from the Youth-competition.
   The average of the B division goes from 135-140 and A division 140 and up. 
The top 3 players in the Women's qualification-round in Zwolle were :
Ida Maytum 1419, Hettie Kleine 1402, Leonne Heijnis 1398 .
No remarkable things happend in the first round, but it happend in the second round.
Leonne Heijnis lost her game against Wilma Stokkel ( 6-8 ) , Elly Mensen lost her game
against Geesje van der Linde ( 4-8 ) ( Elly and Geesje both are Brikkenmikkers ) .
Nelly Eekhof lost her game against Heidi Hop ( 7-9 ) , so now two ladies who are holding
position 1 and 3 in the overall ranking went out of the tournament !
Quarterfinals : 
Ida Maytum wins her game against Eef van den Bosch 8-4 .
A close game between Hettie Kleine and Janny Koops ( Brikkenmikkers ) 
has won by Hettie Kleine with 8-6 .
Heidi Hop reached the semifinals by winning her game against Wilma Stokkel 9-5 .
Geesje van der Linde played against Anita Loch, which has won by Geesje 8-2 .
Semi finals :
Ida Maytum wins again her game in the semi final by beating Geesje van der Linde 8-6 .
The other semi final has won by Hettie Kleine, she played against Heidi Hop 8-4 .
Final :
In this final Ida Maytum has won her game with an 11-7 victory over Hettie Kleine.
The 3 place went to Geesje van der Linde, she has beaten Heidi Hop with 9-3 .
The standings of the day are : 1. Ida Maytum ( full 400 points ) , 2. Hettie Kleine ,
3. Heidi Hop.
In the overall competition Hettie Kleine took the 1st place, she switched her second place
with Elly Mensen who is now second and Ida Maytum holds the 3th place.


01-02-2016     Fourth match Dutch Cup 

The fourth match of the Dutch Cup ( total of 7 matches ) has been played last
Saturday in Voorthuizen.
Top scores of the Men's qualification-round were : Siem Oostenbrink 1453,
Dick Eijlers 1447 , Jan Drent 1444 .
In the following knock-out competition Siem and Dick both lost their second game.
Jan Drent was defeated in his third game by Jan Oostenbrink who made it through
to the finals encountering Ronald Polman, Ronald won this final with 11 - 7 .
Jaap Huisman took the 3d place in this knock-out by defeating Tim van Sommeren.
So the end positions for this day are : 1. Ronald Polman (397) 2. Jaap Huisman (376)
3. Tim van Sommeren (372)
Leader of the Men's competition of the Dutch Cup is Dick Eijlers followed by
Siem Oostenbrink and in third position Ronald Polman. 
The top scores of the Women's qualification-round were : Ida Maytum 1421,
Nelly Eekhof 1391, Hettie Kleine 1391, Elly Mensen 1390 .
All these 4 women won their first 3 games and they met each other in the semi finals.
Elly ( Brikkenmikkers ) has won her game against Ida with 8 - 4 .
Hettie won her game in the second semi final against Nelly with 9 - 5 .
The Women's final has been won by Hettie with 10 - 8 against Elly .
The 3d place went to Ida, she won her game against Nelly with 8 - 6 .
This are the standings at the end of the day : 1. Hettie kleine (398)
2. Elly Mensen (389) 3. Ida Maytum (385) .
Elly Mensen is still leading the Women's competition of the Dutch Cup, on the second
place Hettie Kleine and third place Nelly Eekhof.


16-01-2016     Video of Worldcup on Youtube 

On Youtube we ( Brikkenmikkers ) posted yesterday a video about the 
Worldcup Sjoelen 2015 in Czech Republic.
The DVD-box ( double-dvd ) of the Worldcup Sjoelen 2015 is also available.
                                     ›  Tap on image to enlarge  ‹
For people who want to see more of this event, please send a mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken.


20-12-2015     News to share ? 

If there is anyone out there from anywhere around the globe who has news to
share about the sjoelen-game, please let us know.
For example: You have just started up a sjoel-club in Italy or Denmark. 
Maybe there has been a tournament played somewhere in Australia or Japan.
We can post the results or pictures or make a weblink from our site to your site !
By sending a mail to Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. we can share the news on our site.


06-12-2015     Video Worldcup 2017

On Youtube there is now a promo-video about the Worldcup Sjoelen 2017 in France.


29-11-2015     Third match Dutch Cup 

The third match of the Dutch Cup has been played yesterday in Zwolle.
Topscore in the Men's competition qualification-round was 1460 by Dick Eijlers.
The topscore in the Women's competition qualification-round was 1417 by Elly Mensen.
Dick Eijlers also won this tournament in Zwolle by defeating Siem Oostenbrink 11-5 .
The 3th place went to Eric Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) , now number 6 in this competition.
Dick Eijlers is leading the competition, followed by Siem Oostenbrink and Ronald Polman.
Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) did not reach the finals today, but she is still 
leading the Women's competition of the Dutch Cup.
Hettie Kleine is holding the second place now, and Nelly Eekhof is holding the third place.
The final of today was a real " Sister-act " , Leonne Heijnis won this tournament with
a 10-4 fictory over her sister Jacqueline Heijnis.


22-11-2015     Dutch Championship Teams   ** update pictures **  ( at the bottom )


Yesterday the Dutch Team-Championships took place in Voorthuizen.
The Dutch Champion of 2015 is team Zaanstad ( Dick Eijlers, Simone Frijlink,
Martin van de Heuvel, Jan Drent ) with an average of 142,35.
2nd Ter Apel ( Herman Depenbrock, Iko van Elburg, Harm Zoutman, Andries Duinkerken )
3rd EMWSV ( Tim van Sommeren, Ronald Polman, Cock Tukker, Patrick Haring )
Our own team Brikkenmikkers went 4th place with a very minimum difference in score.
We went 6 points short on 2nd place and only 4 points on the 3th place.
Brikkenmikkersteam : Geesje van der Linde, Elly Mensen, Eric Mensen, Sjaak de Vries.
We did have a Dutch Championteam to celebrate today in the 3rd class!
Our 3rd team have scored an average of 121 points and took the Championship !
Teammembers : Hennie Fictorie, Ellen de Vries, Albert van Urk and Piet van de Bulk.
And in the 4th class our 4th team managed to get the 3rd place today !
So two Brikkenmikkersteams out of five went home with a good result.
Teammembers : Gepke Wolgen, Tineke Gort, Jacob Wolgen and Bert van der Linde.


18-11-2015     Training sjoelen in France 

Last month ( end october ) 9 members of our club went to France to give a training
session sjoelen in Lampertheim, the home of les Amis du Sjoelbak (ADS).
It was a very nice meeting with very welcoming French people.
About 40 participants took part on this session to learn more about sjoelen.
We practiced different varieties of the sjoelen game and game-situations.
Later on we went to the sports hall to see where the Worldcup will be played in 2017.
We all ( French and Dutch ) enjoyed this weekend in Lampertheim, we look foreward
to come back ( with more people ) and meet again at the Worldcup in France May 2017 !


03-11-2015     Second match Dutch Cup 

The second match of this championship has been played last saturday in Voorthuizen.
Qualification-round : Ronald Polman 1462 , Dick Eijlers 1460 , Siem Oostenbrink 1456.
The men's final was played by Dick Eijlers and Siem Oostenbrink 9 -11 .
Siem Oostenbrink is now leading the competition followed by Jan Drent and Dick Eijlers.
In the Women's competition Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) reached again for the finals.
In this final Elly was defeated by Jenny Oostenbrink 10 - 6 .
The third place went to Nelly Eekhof.
Elly is still leading this competition followed by Jenny Oostenbrink and Hettie Kleine.


18-10-2015     20-2 Dutch Championship ** Update-More pictures **

For the second time this game-system was played as a Dutch Championship.
The first time this Championships where played was in 2013.
This is the same game played at the knock-out rounds at the Worldcups.
Winners of this year are : Betty Jacobs ( Women ) and Jan Oostenbrink ( Men ).


10-10-2015     Worldcup DVD available now ! 

The video of the Worldcup sjoelen is now available on dvd .
To order this 2-disc dvd and for information send a mail to : Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. 
                       ( Tap on image to enlarge )


01-10-2015     Results first match Dutch Cup 

The first match ( total of 7 ) of the Dutch Cup has been played last saturday in Beneden-Leeuwen.
In the qualification-round Dick Eijlers was the best player with a very good score of 1466 ! 
The Men's final was won by Jan Drent ( 10 ) Dick Eijlers ( 8 ) Jan is now leading the standings.
Dick is in second position now, and the third position went to Ronald Polman.
Eric Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) is now holding the fourth place in the standings.
Elly Mensen ( also Brikkenmikkers ) won the final in the women's competition.
She played the final against Hettie Kleine with a 10 - 0 victory.
Elly is leading this competition now, followed by Hettie at the second place.
The third place in the standings went to Ida Maytum.


13-09-2015     Pictures of Ter Apel 

To see pictures of the International match between The Netherlands and Germany :
          Pictures Ter Apel                                       Facebook page


06-09-2015     Start of new season 

Last saturday an International match has been played by The Netherlands and Germany.
The Dutch team has won this friendly match, the score was : 138,28 - 128,74 . ( average )


06-06-2015     Summer-stop 

During the summer months June, July and August there are not many tournaments in the
Netherlands, so the Dutch shuffleboarders have a little bit of vacation.
The next season kicks-off at 5 september with a meeting between Germany and The Netherlands.
This International match takes place in Ter Apel ( North-east of The Netherlands ) .
During this International match people can participate in an open tournament.


23-05-2015     World Committee Sjoelen 

The seven Countrys participated in the World Cup Sjoelen in Czech Republic have dicided
to establish a World committee for future World Cups Sjoelen.
The first dicision they have made is that the next World Cup takes place in France ( 2017 ).


23-05-2015     Images Brikkenmikkers World Cup 

The Brikkenmikkers have uploaded their photos of the Worldcup sjoelen today.
Watch the images  :       Pictures 1        Pictures 2        Pictures 3  
Also keep an eye on the Facebook page of the Polish Sjoelen Team,
they are posting day by day new images of the World Cup Sjoelen.


20-05-2015     More images World Cup 

There are now images on the Worldcup-site made by Vladimíra Zoubková. 
Video about Joke Schagen ( 2nd place women ) on local Dutch Television.


19-05-2015     Video World Cup Sjoelen


19-05-2015     Item Dutch Television 

Worldchampion Geesje van der Linde in an item of Dutch television. ( Hart van Nederland )


18-05-2015     World Cup Sjoelen results 

Results of the men tournement.  ( Both sources are from Dutch Shuffleboard Association )
                                                                                  ( )


18-05-2015     Video Youtube World Cup

Watch this video broadcasted live on Youtube at the second day of the World Cup.
Regrettable not everething is visible anymore, like the finals are gone . . .
But by watching you can experience the atmosphere of this tournement.


17-05-2015     World Cup Sjoelen


Geesje van der Linde is Worldchampion sjoelen 2015 in the Women's tournement.
Siem Oostenbrink is Worldchampion 2015 in the men's tournement.
The Netherlands are Worldchampion 2015 in the team competition.
Check-out the latest results for the World Cup Sjoelen on this site : 
The first images of this tournement you wil find here : Sjoelclub

13-05-2015     Brikkenmikkers on the road

The Brikkenmikkers started their trip to Czech Republic early this morning with a bus full of
players and supporters.
They will arrive late in the evening / early night in Vendrynê where the Worldcup Sjoelen takes
place at the 15th and 16th of May .


13-05-2015     Dutch Shuffleboard-cup

The Dutch Shuffleboard-cup played saturday has won by Nelly Eekhof and Dick Eijlers.

26-04-2015     Northern Couples Championship 

Again there was a Couples-Champioship Sjoelen in Klazienaveen.
This time it took place in our Brikkenmikkers-clubhouse on the 25th of april.
Players from the north and east of the Netherlands participated in this tournement.
Winners of this 2015 competition are Herman Depenbrock and Harm Zoutman from Groningen.


19-04-2015     Dutch Championship 2015 

At the 18th of april the Dutch Championship Sjoelen took place in Barneveld.
About 240 Dutch Shuffleboarders played this game at different levels.
Winner of 2015 is Siem Oostenbrink, he is also the reigning World Champion.
Siem has now won this title for the 16th time in his career.
His average in this tournement was 145,65 points.
Second place went to Dick Eijlers ( 2 times World Champion ) , average 145,4 .
At third place Klaas Rorije, his average was 144,0 .
Ladies winner of this year is Simone Frijlink, she won the title for the second time ( 2007 ) .
Simones average at this tournement was 139,75 .
Second place Eef van der Bosch ( 139,45 ) , third place Petra Houweling ( 139,0 ) .
Defending Champion 2014 Elly Mensen ( Brikkenmikkers ) lost her title with a fifth place today.
At the Girls Championship the Brikkenmikkers do have a Champion to celebrate.
Jacquelien Klunder won this title for the second time ( 2013 ) with an average of 132,05 .
Her brother Jonas took the second place in the Boys competition, his average was 132,85 .
The Boys competition is won by Stefan Kiwiet with his amazing second score of 1389 he won the title.
There were 2 more Champions today at The Brikkenmikkers club.
Piet van de Bulk was the best in class H , he threw an average of 119,85 .
And Esmé Le Clercq has become Champion in class I, her average was 113,60 .
Here you can see the results of the Dutch Championships 2015 .
Pictures you can find here :    Pictures-1     Pictures-2     Pictures-3     Pictures-4 
Video ( By Krzysztof Lemanski ) :   Video-1     Video-2 
Video ( By Brikkenmikker ) :  Amazing 152 score !!     
                                           Siem Oostenbrink wins championship 2015  
More videos to come . . .


16-04-2015     Dutch Championship Couples 

For the first time in the history of our sjoelen-club there was a Dutch Couples-Championship Sjoelen.
21-3-2015 In our home-town Klazienaveen where up to 96 couples to play the game.
Winners this year are : Tim van Sommeren and Ronald Polman with a 132,6 average.
Second place ( same average ) Siem Oostenbrink and Dick Eijlers.
A 1359 score in the second round was the best score of the day and so the titel went to Tim and Ronald.
Third place in this tournement : Jan Oostenbrink and Sjors Oostenbrink, 128,67 average .
Pictures :   By Klunder family        By André van der Aart        By Bennie Wolbers        By  
Videos   :   By  ( start player at 10:30 )                    By Atv foto  ( Victory ceremony )
                       By Krzysztof Lemanski  ( Member of Polish Sjoelen Team )